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Preschool Children

OMNI Childhood Center

Providing Targeted Evaluations and Services for Your Child

About Us

Omni Childhood Center has been providing the community with over a decade of expert evaluations and therapy services to address a variety of developmental and/or learning difficulties. Whether your child needs to improve fine or gross motor skills, enhance speech and language development, correct an attention deficit, has a hearing impairment, or exhibits behavioral or emotional concerns, Omni can and will help you.  


Omni's mission is to provide the highest quality evaluations and services at every level, from Early Intervention to Preschool to School Age. We address the gamut of educational and developmental needs by providing special education and related therapeutic services through the NYC Department of Education at no cost to the family (as well as some insurance-based services through our affiliate program). We believe that every child has the potential for growth, and we foster a team approach and easy access to supportive educational opportunities, ensuring that no child is left behind. 


Your child can succeed, and Omni can play an important role in the journey to educational success. 

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