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Understanding The Early Intervention Process 

A Complete Evaluation Panel with
Omni Childhood Center 

Developmental areas where there may be a concern. 

Although you may only have a concern in one area, Omni Childhood Center will conduct a full overall evaluation to cover all areas as to not miss anything that maybe be of concern.

EI Process Step by Step


  • Referral Source or parent suspects child of having developmental delay or disability

  • Family informed of benefits of Early Intervention Program (EIP)

  • Child referred to Early Intervention Official (EIO) within 2 days of Identification

  • EIO assigns Initial Service Coordinator


Initial Service Coordinator



  • Determine eligibility 

  • Family assessment (optional)

  • Gather Information for Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

  • Summary and report submitted prior to IFSP


The IFSP Meeting*

  • Family Identifies desired outcomes

  • Early Intervention services specified 

  • Develop written plan

  • Family and EIO agree to IFSP

  • Identify Ongoing Services Coordinator (OSC)

  • EIO obtains social security number(s)


IFSP Review Six Months, Evaluate Annually

  • Decision is made to continue, add, modify or delete outcomes, strategies and/ or services

  • If parent requests, may review sooner (If parent requests an increase in services, EIO may ask for supplemental evaluation)



  • Plan for transition included in IFSP

  • Transition to: 
    Services under section 4410) of Education Law (3-5 system) OR Other early childhood services, as needed


  • Provides information about EIP

  • Informs family of rights 

  • Reviews list of evaluators

  • Obtains Insurance/medicaid information

  • Obtains other relevant Information

To start the process, click on the tab below.

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